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"Our son has been riding at the center since he was 2 years old, which was 12 years ago! During his years at Shea, we watched the Center grow and become a state of the art therapeutic riding center helping a variety of individuals with special needs. As a parent, I can tell you, this is one place my child is accepted 100% - no matter his ability, behavior or level of need. When we first came to the Center, it was my only hour out of the day that I didn't have to hold my son; it was my respite. I usually sat behind a tree and relaxed. It was also a place to meet other parents of children who had special needs. It has become a place of hope for me now. I hope one day my son can give back to the Center!"

The Shea Center operates under the rules and regulations of Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH International). In 2012 we received a perfect rating (100%) during our PATH International certification, reaffirming the capacity of staff and volunteers to provide a safe and effective environment at all times.

A variety of therapeutic riding classes are usually operating at the same time over various parts of the property. A PATH International certified instructor, assigned to each class, will lead that class through riding exercises specifically designed to address and improve client disabilities. Group classes are small, usually 4 - 6 riders, and last about one hour.

Hippotherapy sessions are provided by licensed therapists who have also received AHA (American Hippotherapy Association) certification and PATH International instructor certification. These sessions can be individual or in small groups. They focus on therapeutic goals and objectives derived from the therapist's evaluation, primarily physical therapy on horseback.

» Cerebral Palsy» Autism Spectrum Disorder
» Developmental Delay» Mental Retardation
» Aspberger's Syndrome» Down Syndrome
» Sensory Integration Issues» Multiple Sclerosis
» Seizure Disorders» Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The Center's staff is highly skilled in developing and delivering therapeutic programs to address physical and cognitive challenges. We treat more than 60 physical and cognitive disabilities including: cerebral palsy, spinal cord and brain injury, muscular dystrophy, mental retardation, Down syndrome, multiple sclerosis, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorders, and hearing and visual impairment.

The Shea Center has a new financial aid program specifically for past or present military families with special needs members who would like to participate in our therapeutic recreational riding program. Benefits of the therapeutic riding program include family bonding experiences and improved health for those with physical or cognitive disabilities. Click here for more information.

Clients must be at least two years of age to participate in the hippotherapy program and four years of age to participate in therapeutic riding classes. There is no maximum age, as long as the rider has no physical or medical contraindications.

In order to ensure safety and well-being, riders must have proper release forms signed by a physician and must be evaluated by one of our licensed physical therapists prior to enrollment. The Center will then design an individual plan tailored to the client's ability and needs and assign the client to the appropriate program.

Our staff makes frequent evaluations of each client's progress.

Tuition for an 11 week therapeutic riding session:

» Group therapeutic riding class is $495

» Semi-private therapeutic riding class is $605

» Private riding class is $770


» Physical Therapy is $126 per visit

» Occupational Therapy is $126 per visit

» Speech Therapy is $126 per visit

» The Shea Center does not manage direct insurance billing and does not receive any reimbursements directly from insurance companies. However, please check with your provider as some medical plans cover these fees

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